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UpKeep Work Orders

All the How To Docs for Set up and Usage of UpKeep Work Orders

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How to Create, Manage, and Edit Work OrdersThis article explains how to use our work orders feature to build, manage, and process your workflow with our mobile and web applications.
How to Add Photos to Work OrdersThis article explains how you can add and annotate photos on work orders on mobile.
Admins: How to Create and Manage Work Order RequestsFor admins, learn to manage the work order requests that are submitted from your team!
Add & Assign Categories to Work Orders Using categories is important when trying to create reports
How to add a Task or Checklist to a Work OrderHow to add specific task items that need to be done on a work order
How to Add Images and Notes to a Task on a Work Order via Web and MobileAdding Images or Files to a Task on a Work Order
How to upload Files to UpKeep and to a Work OrderLearn to upload photos, PDFs, and MP4 files to your UpKeep account
How to Record Time to a Work OrderLearn how to add time to a work order to record the time spent!
How to Edit/Delete time logged on a Work OrderThis doc will walk your through how to delete time from a work order and re add the correct time manually.
How to Calculate Time & Cost to a Work OrderLearn to add hourly/labor rates to specific technicians and automatically calculate the cost!
Work Order Signature CaptureLearn how to enable the WO signature capture feature!
How to use UpKeep for Messaging and Updates on Work OrdersLearn to communicate with your team through the Updates section of a work order with the @ mention feature to tag them in the conversation
How to Utilize your Company Request PortalLearn to utilize your public request portal!
How to Duplicate Work OrdersYou can duplicate work orders if you are reusing a lot of the same elements and create new work orders more quickly!
How to Download and Print Individual Work Orders to PDFPrint an individual WO's PDF or multi-select multiple WOs and download the PDFs
How to Create an InvoiceYou can create an invoice in UpKeep to download or print by billing your customer for a work order
Shared Work Orders and How They WorkYou can share your work orders with external vendors/contractors or anyone else on your team that DOES NOT have an UpKeep login!
How to Link Work OrdersIf you have several, similar work orders, you can link them together to help your team see the full story of the work order