UpKeep Self Start Account Set Up

How and where to start to get your account set up

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Welcome to UpKeep! Thank you for trusting us to help you manage your maintenance. This document is meant to give you a breakdown of what information you need to start with entering and will provide links to how to documents for each of the sections.
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Before we get started make sure you are logged into your account and are ready to go! Also please note, you can add any of the below in any order you choose. The order we give you is with a big company in mind that wants their account 100% set up and ready to go for when the workers log in and can get to work.

For any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to [email protected] or you can search our help center https://help.onupkeep.com/en.

STEP 1: Upload or Create your Locations and Sub-Locations

First thing you will want to do is get your locations into your account. Most all other objects and sections will rely on locations.

NOTES: Each Location should have a unique name, this keeps your account clean and easy to navigate while being able to accurately report on work done at those locations.

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STEP 2: Upload or Create your Assets

Assets are going to be any form of equipment or items that you have that will require work to be done on them.

Examples of assets are:


Factory Equipment

IT Equipment


NOTE: For best results and a clean account, each assets should have a unique easy recognizable name, so that workers can easily find and locate them within your UpKeep account.

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STEP 3: Upload or Create your Parts and Inventory

Parts and Inventory creation will allow you to optimize data being added to work orders as well as help you track your current Inventory.

NOTE: For best results and clean account, each part should have a unique easy recognizable name, so that workers can easily find and locate them with in your UpKeep account. IF you have multiple of the same parts think of a unique way you can have the name show which Location this part may be at or what Asset this part may be tied too.

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STEP 4: Upload or Create Vendors and Customers

In your UpKeep account you have the ability to store 3rd party vendor and customer info. This makes it easy to add to a work orders so that your workers know who to contact if they need to.

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STEP 5: Upload or Invite Workers/Users to your Account

Before you add your team to the Account make sure you let them know to WAIT for the email Invite they will receive from your company.

Once you Invite them to the account, let them know they need to CLICK the link in the Invite email, and then they need to set up their OWN password.

NOTE: If your users do not get the invite email, tell them to let you know and you will need to send an email with all email address that DID NOT get the email invite to [email protected]. We can set temp passwords.

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Step 6 : Upload or Create Work Orders

Now that you have all of your data and your team in your account, you can start creating work orders or uploading ones you have in progress already.

You can set your account to count work orders from the last one you have on file. Simply go to settings and set the number

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Step 7: Upload or Create Preventive Maintenance Triggers

The last thing or first thing before creating work orders, is to create the Preventive Maintenance Triggers that will auto fire off work orders that need to be done on a set schedule or regular basis. These are here to help save you time and help you plan for what is to come!

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Now you are set up and ready to get your team to work!

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