If your team already has preventative maintenance or a work order history that is not already entered into UpKeep, you can import that information into UpKeep.

This can also be used to create or update multiple Work Orders at the same time. Download our Sample Template, fill out all the information, then upload it to UpKeep. The steps are listed below!

How to Import your Work Orders

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the maximum number of work orders that can be imported at one time is 20,000.

  1. Download the sample template by navigating to our WO import page and clicking "Download Template" (gif below)

  2. Open the template in Excel or Google Sheets

  3. Do not add or remove any headers in Row 1

  4. Add in your data beginning with Row 2. Fill in each column with data that needs to be on the work orders you create. NOTE: Each row is an individual Work Order

  5. Once filled out, save as a new CSV or xlsx file

  6. Go back to the Import page, and upload the file.

  7. Follow the steps through the Import process

  8. Once done and Imported your Work Orders will now be listed on the Work Orders page.

Gif of how to down load template

Gif of how to Upload and follow through the Import process

For questions or concerns reach out to Support at [email protected]

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