A Work Order is a medium of communicating jobs among users. It's a means of delegating work. This is how it works.

The admin creates a Work Order and explains what needs to be done within the description. Then he/she assigns anyone from the team to it.

Once the work order is assigned to someone, that person gets notified about the job. The assignee is able to view the Work Order details on their device, can complete the job as explained, and mark it as complete.

The worker can also add comments/notes about the job under the updates tab. The admin can then monitor the Work Order status, updates, etc.

How to create a Work Order?

1 - Go to the Work Order tab

2 - Click on the blue button (+ Work Order) to create the Work Order

3 - Fill out the details like Title and description. Make your Work Order titles descriptive so that you can search and find them easily. Explain the job in the description field.

4 - Then assign someone to the Work Order. You can assign more than one person. You can also assign teams as well. Be sure to specify the location and asset and Submit.

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