If you are adding multiple users to your UpKeep team, you can do this through our importing function! If you would like to learn about these different user roles and what they mean, you can learn more here.

Needed to add just one user and don’t want to have to import? Check out our article on how to add People & Teams!

How to Import Users to your UpKeep team

  1. Download our Sample Template for People & Teams. Click Here

  2. Open the CSV file in Excel/Google Sheets

  3. Do not add, remove, or change any headers in Row 1

  4. Add your data beginning with Row 2

  5. Save the CSV file

  6. Upload the new CSV file under People & Teams > Import > Import your File


NOTE: The ID refers to a unique, UpKeep assigned ID. You can find each 10-character ID in the URL when clicking into the location/asset/part/etc. All IDs can also be found when exporting each data set in Column A of the CSV!

Column Header

Example Entry

Acceptable Values/Notes

A - Email

[email protected]

A valid email address is required

  • NOTE: This is the email the user will receive to set up their accounts (invite expires after 48 hours)

B - User Type


Only valid, acceptable values:


  • TECH




C - Team IDs


This is the 10-character unique ID of the team this user will be added to

  • NOTE: Your team must already exist in UpKeep (must already be created)

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