How to Import Users to your UpKeep Team

Learn to quickly import (and subsequently send invites to) users to your team in bulk!

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If you are adding multiple users to your UpKeep team, you can do this through our importing function! If you would like to learn about these different user roles and what they mean, you can learn more here.

Needed to add just one user and don’t want to have to import? Check out our article on how to add People & Teams!

How to Import Users to your UpKeep team

  1. Download our Sample Template for People & Teams. Click Here

  2. Open the CSV file in Excel/Google Sheets

  3. Do not add, remove, or change any headers in Row 1

  4. Add your data beginning with Row 2

  5. Save the CSV file

  6. Upload the new CSV file under People & Teams > Import > Import your File

User Template Fields

Column Header

Example Entry

Acceptable Values/Notes

A - Email

A valid email address is required

  • NOTE: This is the email the user will receive to set up their accounts (invite expires after 48 hours)

B - User Type


Only valid, acceptable values:



  • TECH




C - First Name


First Name that you wish to be reflected in UpKeep

D - Last Name


The Last Name that you wish to be reflected in Upkeep

E - Job Title


The users job title within your organization

F - Company Name


The companies name (If different from what it is the account default)


  • If not set it will default to your Company Name as set-up in UpKeep

G - Phone Number


The Users Phone Number

H - Team IDs


This is the 10-character unique ID of the team this user will be added to

  • NOTE: Your team must already exist in UpKeep (must already be created)

I - Is Location Based User (Yes/No)


  • Yes - You want to limit the amount of locations that the user can see

  • No - The User can see all of the locations within the account


  • Learn about Location Based Permissions here

J - Location Based User Location IDs


The UpKeep ID of the locations you would want the user to have access to


  • Use a comma (,) to add multiple locations

Importing Teams

Looking to group your users in to teams? Use importing to quickly create and update your teams!

A - Team ID


The UpKeep ID of the Team

  • NOTE: ID would only be needed when Updating Existing Teams

B - Name

Engineering Team

The name of the team in UpKeep

C - Description

All Engineers

Describing any details of this team

D - Assigned User Emails

Emails of all of the users assigned to the team


  • All users must already exist within UpKeep

  • All users would need to have either an Admin or Technical User Type

    • Admins, Limited Admins, Techs, Limited Techs, Custom Roles

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