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How to Add Locations & Sub-Locations
How to Add Locations & Sub-Locations
This article explains how your team administrator can add and manage your locations and facilities
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Adding locations is a foundational function within UpKeep. Locations tell technicians where they should go to complete their work. Assign parts and assets to locations so you know exactly where they are at all times.

Here is a graphic detailing the suggested hierarchy of locations within your account.

TIP: Already have your location data and want to skip ahead? Click to access the importing page for Locations or learn how to import it into UpKeep!

How to Add a Location

  1. Navigate to your Locations section

  2. On the Locations page, click + Location

  3. Add your Location Name

  4. Add your full street address

  5. OPTIONAL: Include Map Coordinates for Location

  6. Assign workers, teams, vendors, or customers

  7. Click Submit to save your changes

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How to Add Sub-locations

Get granular with your locations and create sub-locations for units, buildings, rooms, and more. Attach parts and assets to rooms to keep track of all your inventory across locations.

  1. Navigate to your Locations section

  2. Click on the primary Location

  3. Click the arrow next to that Location

  4. Click + Add Sublocation

  5. Add a Name

  6. Click Save

TIP: Alternatively, follow the same steps to add a primary location... then in the Parent location field, select the primary location. If a Parent location is selected, this location that is being added will become a sub-location.

Best Practices

At this time the sub-locations will share an address with the primary location. Check out the hierarchy below.

TIP: We do recommend having a specific naming convention used within your Account to be able to easily designate your locations and sub-locations. Check out the examples below!


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