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How to Create and Manage Preventive Maintenance (PM) Triggers
How to Create and Manage Preventive Maintenance (PM) Triggers

Learn to create and manage your Preventive Maintenance triggers to maximize your team's efficiency!

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Available On: Starter, Professional and Business Plus

How to Create a Preventative Maintenance Work Order Trigger

💡Have the same PM Work Order for Multi Assets. View our Multi Asset PM Triggers

  1. Navigate to the Preventive Maintenance section

  2. Select + Create PM

  3. Fill out the Work Order and PM Trigger details (this will be the work orders that are created based on the scheduled trigger you set up)

  4. Once your details are filled out, click Create Trigger

💡Parts can be configured on a triggered PM so that each time a work order is created, it will inherit the parts assigned

Here is an example of how to set up a trigger for the second Tuesday of each month:

How to Edit Your Preventive Maintenance Trigger

You can edit the details of future PM work orders (location, worker, date, etc).

💡Future PM work orders are work orders that have a due date beyond today’s date AND are in the Open status.

  1. Select your desired Trigger

  2. Select the Details tab

  3. Select Edit Details

  4. Make your desired Changes

  5. Once you’re done, click on Save the Trigger!

⚠️ Start date for triggers cannot be edited once a trigger has begun ⚠️

View your PM Work Order History

  1. Select the desired PM Trigger

  2. Select the Work Orders Tab

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