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How to Add, Edit, or Remove Users & Teams
How to Add, Edit, or Remove Users & Teams

This article explains how your team admin can add and manage UpKeep users and any teams!

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Administrator users can make changes to all users and teams in their UpKeep account. There are different account types that each user may fall under.

NOTE** Every Account MUST have an admin in the account at all times

How to Invite Your Team Members to Join UpKeep

When the user is added to the account they will receive an email with directions to finish setting up the account.


  1. Access your user list through the People & Teams page

  2. Click the “+ Person” button

  3. Select a User Account Type (note the gold tag means paid type)

  4. Enter your team member’s Email Address

  5. Click Invite Users

On Web:

TIP: Not sure what roles are right for your team? Check out UpKeep's different User Roles.

Once the email invite has been sent out your worker then needs to check their Inbox. to see if the email came through, if it did, they need to open it and click the blue hyperlink in screen shot below. This link takes them to set up their account password. Once the password is set, they can log in via their mobile phone or on the web:

User not receiving the sign up email?

Make sure to check their spam/junk folder and make sure that [email protected] has been whitelisted by your IT team.


How to Create a Team with Users

Teams can be created to assign many paid user types to an object they may need to see or work on. Teams can have Admins, Limited Admins, Technicians, Limited technicians and Vendor/customers.


  1. Access your user list through the People & Teams page

  2. On the People & Teams page, click the “Teams” toggle at the top

  3. On the Teams Overview, click the “+ Team

  4. Enter a team name

  5. Enter the team description

  6. Select Team Users

  7. Select Add Team

This is currently not available on the mobile apps, but you can edit your Teams on mobile!

How to Update a User's Account Type

Admins only have the options to edit user accounts basic info. Email changes can only be changed by the user themselves.


  1. Access your user list through the People & Teams page

  2. Click the desired user for whom you’d like to change their Account Type

  3. Under Account Type, select the new account type

  4. Click the pencil icon to edit basic account info

NOTE: Admins CANNOT change their own account types. However, another Admin on the team can follow these steps to update the account type!

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How to Deactivate or Delete Users from UpKeep

Deactivating a user:

Deactivating a user is a way to prevent a user from logging in but still keeps them associated to any of their assigned data. If the user rejoins your team, they can also be re-activated.

Steps to deactivate a user:

  1. Select the desired user

  2. Select Deactivate

  3. The user will be logged out of the system

Deleting a user:

Deleting a user is the permanent removal of the user from your teams UpKeep account. If the user would rejoin your team they would need to be created as new and re-associated to any desired data.

Steps to delete a user:

(NOTE: Deleting action cannot be reversed)

  1. Access your user list through the People & Teams page

  2. Click the desired user you’d like to deactivate/delete

  3. On the Profile page, select the trash can icon to Remove

  4. Confirm Are you sure you want to delete this user?” by clicking Delete.

NOTE: You always want to have at least one admin on your team at all times. Admins will not be able to delete/remove themselves from the People & Teams section!

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