You and your team may operate in several locations or you might have assets stationed in different areas. Use your locations to organize and optimize your team’s workflow. If you have multiple locations, you can quickly add this data into UpKeep using the import feature.

There are two levels of location hierarchy: the Parent Location and Sub-Location. Your Sub-Locations would be more specific areas within the Parent Location.


  • Can use CSV, XLS, XLSX, TSV or XML Format

    • You can also manually enter items to the table

  • If you need to Update the name of a Location you need to use the Update Name Field to change the name

  • Parent Locations must be entered before Sub Locations

  • You can import Parent and Sub at the same time, but the Parent needs to be higher on the sheet.

  • Example:


Parent Location

Parent Location

Sub Location

Parent Location

Importing Guide

  1. To create new Locations download the Location template by navigating to the import page and clicking "Download Template"

  2. To Update Locations select Export Current Locations and makes changes to any columns EXCEPT the NAME column. When done save the file for import.

  3. When ready select Start Location Import Process

  4. Upload your file or enter the data manually in to the table

5. Confirm that the first row contains column names

6. Confirm Column Mapping

7. View the data you are going to import

  • Changes can be made from the table

  • It will notify you of any issues with the import

8. Select Finish

Note: If you are Updating the name of an Location you can use the Update Name Field


Column Header

Example Entry

Acceptable Values/Format/Notes

A – Name

Carlsbad Building

The name of your building/location

B – Address

2505 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92011

The full address for this location

C – Latitude


Map coordinates

D – Longitude


Map coordinates

E – Parent Location

Main Factory

The Name of the Parent Location

  • Parent needs to exist in UpKeep or be higher on the import sheet then the child

F – Assigned to email

[email protected]

Email assignee is using for UpKeep

G – Team Assigned Name

Night Shift

Name in UpKeep of the desired Team

H – Customer Assigned Name

New Customer

Name in UpKeep of the desired Customer

I – Vendor Assigned Name

HVAC Vendor

Name in UpKeep of the desired Vendor

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