Welcome to UpKeep! Thank you for trusting us to help you manage your maintenance. This list is designed to provide you with the steps and materials needed to successfully use UpKeep!

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STEP 1: Upload your Locations and sub-locations

Adding locations and sub-locations will enable you to sort and organize your assets and inventory by location. Each location is typically a physical location.

Training Materials

  • Watch this video and learn how to add locations and sub-locations to your UpKeep database.

  • Read this guide to learn how to upload your data in mass with our import feature.

PRO TIP: Each location and sub-location must have a distinct name, it helps boost your reporting and give your technicians clarity on where they need to go once they’re assigned a work order.

STEP 2: Add your assets and equipment

Watch this video and learn how to add assets and equipment to your UpKeep database.

Specifically you'll learn how to store and record asset:

  • Location information

  • Image

  • Barcode

Adding assets and equipment takes time, so first focus on adding your most critical assets, you can always add more data as you go.

STEP 3: Add parts and inventory

Watch this video and learn how to add parts and inventory to your UpKeep database.

When you manage your parts through UpKeep you can:

  • Record part information/location

  • Associate parts to assets

  • Barcode parts and store an image

  • Set stock levels

STEP 4: Adding people and teams

Watch this video to learn how to add people and teams to your UpKeep database.

You’ll learn how to add:

  • Admins - Administrators have full access; including editing, adding, and deleting work orders and records. They also have the ability to approve or decline requests for work orders.

  • Technicians- Technicians can create and process work orders. They are also able to edit and delete work orders and records they have created

  • Limited Technicians - Same function as regular technicians but they are only able to see work orders specifically assigned to them.

  • Requesters - Requesters can only submit work requests and view their status

  • View Only - View Only members have read only access but they can generate reports and submit work order requests.

STEP 5: Workflows

Now that all of your data is uploaded, it’s time to think about how you’ll use UpKeep.

Workflows are different ways work orders can be created within UpKeep. We have three workflows to choose from. You can choose all three or just one:

  • Level 1: Internal Maintenance Work Flow - Internal work orders are created ad-hoc by Admins or Technicians. These are one-time work orders and do not require approval before creation.

  • Level 2: External Maintenance Work Flow - Internal and external persons submit Work Order Requests. An account Admin must approve these Requests to generate a Work Order.

  • Level 3: Preventative Maintenance Work Flow - Work Orders are generated based on recurring time schedules or meter-based service schedules.

Watch this video to learn more about which workflow applies best to your team. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Step 6: Train your Team

The next phase of UpKeep implementation is to train your team in best practices for navigating UpKeep.

To ensure your UpKeep rollout is successful we recommend the following:

  1. Set a “Go Live Date" - Date of when work orders and requests are expected to be routed through UpKeep.

  2. On-boarding meeting - Schedule a one hour internal meeting two weeks before your “Go Live Date”. During your team onboarding meeting you’ll take your team through the app, set goals and expectations, and train them how to use UpKeep.

To help with your one hour internal onboarding team meeting, we’ve created a sample agenda. Feel free to use this agenda as a guide for your own meeting:

  • Review goals - 5 minutes: You’ll want to remind your team why you purchased UpKeep and how it’s going to help them.

  • Download UpKeep app - 15 minutes: During this time your technicians will install UpKeep on their mobile phone - Links to the app: Download UpKeep for iOS | Download UpKeep for Android

  • Watch technician training - 20 minutes: We’ve created a training video specifically for your technicians.

  • Question & Answers - 15 minutes: Review this list of frequently asked questions to start the conversation.

Don't forget! We host live UpKeep Onboarding training every Thursday and you can register here.

You’ve concluded your UpKeep onboarding. Congratulations! If you have questions, please email [email protected] and we’re happy to help!

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