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All the How To Docs for Set up and Usage of UpKeep Assets/Equipment

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How to Create and Edit AssetsLearn to add Assets as well as how to edit, archive and delete.
Asset Details OverviewThis doc will walk you through the Individual Asset layout
How to Create, Edit, and Remove Custom Asset FieldsThis doc is intended to show you how to create new custom fields for data storage on your assets!
Tracking Asset DowntimeWith UpKeep, you can track the downtime of your equipment.
How to Calculate Asset DepreciationWith UpKeep we have the ability to enter in our Purchase Date, Purchase Price, Useful life and Residual Value to track Depreciation.
How to Use Asset Check-In and Check-OutWith the Business Plus plan, easily keep track of all your assets. Always know which of your assets are available and who has them.
How to set an Asset ScheduleLearn how to create an asset schedule, assign that schedule to an asset & the effect an asset schedule has on uptime and downtime percentage