Within UpKeep, you have the ability to track your event history when restocking your parts. This allows you to track the increase in quantity, any details of note on why the restock is occurring, and the ability to attach your receipt.

If you are looking to make mass quantity updates to your parts (or other updates), you can also do so by utilizing the updates functionality!

How to Restock your Parts

  1. Navigate to the Parts & Inventory Section

  2. Select the desired Part

  3. Click on the +Restock Button

  4. Enter in the new quantity

  5. The quantity being added (this will then display the new Total Quantity)

  6. Notate any Restock Event Details

  7. Attach the receipt

  8. Finally, click Save!

How to View your Restock Event

  1. Navigate to the Parts & Inventory Section

  2. Click on the desired Part

  3. Select the Events Tab

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