How to Restock your Parts

Within UpKeep you have the ability to track your Adjustments history when restocking or reducing your parts.

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Available On: Starter, Professional and Business Plus

In UpKeep, you can easily monitor your adjustments history while restocking your parts. This feature enables you to keep tabs on quantity increases, decreases, and any noteworthy details explaining the adjustment. Plus, you can conveniently attach your receipts for added documentation! πŸ“ŠπŸ“πŸ§Ύ

πŸ’‘ If you are looking to make mass quantity updates to your parts (or other updates), you can also do so by utilizing the updates functionality!

How to Restock your Parts

  1. Navigate to the Inventory Section.

  2. Select the desired Part you need to Adjust Quantity.

  3. Click on the Adjust Quantity Button on upper-right corner. Originally called +Restock.

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  4. Enter in the new quantity and any adjustment details.

    Image 1-30-2023 at 10.40 AM
  5. You can even upload a Receipt for this inventory adjustment.

  6. Click Adjust Quantity, which will save your adjustment and add the part(s) to your inventory.

  7. In Order to reduce quantity, you can do this by adding a negative sign as pictured below. So, in my example, I subtracted -1 for above adjustment (notice now it goes from 20 to 19 as Available Quantity).

  8. Image 1-30-2023 at 10.43 AM

  9. Just like adding, Notate any details for reducing adjustments.

  10. Attach the receipt if necessary.

  11. Finally, click Adjust Quantity.

How to View your Adjustment History

  1. Navigate to the Inventory Section

  2. Click on the desired Part

  3. Select the Adjustments Tab

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