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How to View and Process your Work Order
How to View and Process your Work Order

How to view and properly process your Work Orders

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Available On: Lite, Starter, Professional and Business Plus

⚠️ Note Certain Functionalities will differ by plan type. View our Plan/Features list here

This guide will walk you through the steps to mark work orders as completed, ensuring all tasks are properly documented and closed out. Learn how to update task details, add completion notes, and confirm work completion in UpKeep!

Work Order Details

When you select a first Work Order you will see all of the corresponding Work Order details.

  1. A Work Order Image

    1. If any Images are attached to your Work Order they will be viewable at the top

  2. The Work Order Priority

  3. The Work Orders last Updated Date

  4. The Work Order Number

  5. The Work Order Title and Description

  6. The Work Orders Status

  7. The Work Order Time

  8. The Specific details of the Work Order:


Example Entry


Start Date

01/01/24 11:00 am

This is when you want the work to begin

Due Date

01/05/24 10:00 am

This is when you want the work to be completed by



The type of work is being performed

  • Note: Create Categories in the Settings section of your account

Assigned to


The Primary Assignee of the Work Order

  • Note: Select from Paid Users within your People & Teams or from your Vendors


Maintenance Team

Grouping users together as a team to help alert all users of assignment and updates

  • Note: Teams are created within the People & Teams section

Additional Workers

Worker2, Vendor1

Any Additional Users assigned to the Work Orders

  • Note: Select from Paid Users within your People & Teams or from your Vendors



Where the technician is going for this Work Order



What Asset is the work being performed on?

  • Note: The Location listed will be based on the Assets location


Created 01/01/24 10:00 am by Admin1

The user who created



The amount of hours logged on the Work Orders

Work Order Tasks

  1. Complete your Tasks and Checklists

  2. Task Items will save once you've either entered in information or selected an option

Parts and Costs

  1. Parts

    1. Add in your parts (or sets of Parts)

    2. Set and update their quantities

  2. Labor

    1. Add any additional Labor (worker) costs and time for the Work Order

  3. Costs

    1. Add in any additional costs needed


  1. Upload any files or add from your already saved files

  2. View any of the files you've added to the Work Order

Work Order Updates

  1. Select the Updates Tab

  2. View any Updates and notes on the Work Order

  3. Add your own Work Order Updates/Comments

    1. Use @ Tagging to notify users

      1. You can select Everyone (which will be everybody assigned to the Work Order)

      2. You can select specific Team Members

Updating the Work Order Status

Once you've reviewed your Work Order you can set your Work Order Status. Select the toggle and then select the new Work Order Status

The Default Work Order Statuses are:

  • Open

  • In-Progress

  • On Hold

  • Complete

💡 Business Plus Plan users can create Custom Work Order Statuses

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