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How to Create Custom Work Order Statuses
How to Create Custom Work Order Statuses

A guide to creating and using Custom Work Order Statuses

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Available On: Business Plus

Alongside the usual Open, On Hold, In Progress, and Complete, you can now create your very own statuses! πŸš€ Pick your type, get creative, and make statuses that fit your team perfectly. These new options make filtering and reporting a breeze, giving you a clearer picture of what's happening in your organization! πŸ“Š

How to Create Custom Work Order Statuses

  1. Navigate to your Account Settings

  2. Select the Work Orders Tab and then the Statuses Tab

  3. Select the Create Custom Status button

  4. Select the Status Type

    1. Open - Work that has not been started

    2. In Progress - Actively being worked on

    3. On Hold - Work that is paused on blocked

    4. Complete - Work that has been finished

  5. Name your Custom Status

Now you're all set with your Custom Status!

How to Use Your Custom Work Order Statuses

  • Find your Custom Statuses when you are processing your Work Orders

  • Find your Custom Statuses when filtering your Work Orders

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