2.29.24 Product Release
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February 29, 2024 Web Release Notes

New Features

  1. Streamlined Navigation:

    • Users can now effortlessly collapse and expand the side menu in our web app, irrespective of browser zoom levels, enhancing usability.

  2. Enhanced Data Export:

    • When exporting parts or inventories, users now receive comprehensive data, including maximum quantities and critical part markers, improving analysis and decision-making.

  3. Simplified Part Management:

    • On the Asset page's Parts tab, users can easily disconnect parts from assets via the overflow menu, with the added convenience of a bulk action option for faster disassociations.

  4. Seamless List Experience:

    • Users with default settings benefit from lists that scroll infinitely without loading spinners, providing a smoother browsing experience.

  5. Improved Form Navigation:

    • The start date field now precedes the due date field on the internal request portal form, enhancing form completion flow.

Defect Resolutions

  1. Streamlined Data Handling:

    • Clicking the import/export button from the Customer list view now directs users to the new import page with the customer dataset pre-selected, simplifying the process.

  2. Improved Date Formatting:

    • Work order dates now update accordingly when users change the date format, ensuring consistency and accuracy in scheduling.

  3. Enhanced Filter Accessibility:

    • Work order additional filters are now fully accessible and displayed properly, even when the side navigation window is open, improving navigation efficiency.

  4. Fixed Asset Management:

    • Add/Remove actions on the Asset details page in Parts have been fixed, allowing for smoother part management and asset association.

  5. Data Accuracy:

    • Repeating decimals in the web app now round conveniently to two places, improving data precision and clarity.

  6. Location-Specific Asset Display:

    • In the Assets tab of the Multi-line inventory, only assets specific to the user’s site will appear for location-specific users, enhancing data relevance and user experience.

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