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How to Export/Update your Checklists
How to Export/Update your Checklists

Learn how to update your checklists via CSV.

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Do you want to have an additional copy of your different checklists in a spreadsheet? Need to make some updates to your existing checklists? Use the Export option to go in and make changes as needed!

How to Export your Checklists

You Can Export Checklists through the Checklists page by selecting the 3 option dots and then the export option.

Alternatively if you select the Import Option you will also see the ability to export your current checklists

Export/Update Template

A – Checklist Id


This is the 10-character unique ID of the checklist to which the form item is to be added.

  • NOTE: This is only needed if you are importing new tasks to an existing (already created) checklist

B – Checklist Name

Inspection Checklist

Title of your Checklist

  • NOTE: If importing a new checklist and all its tasks, make sure the checklist name is exactly the same. The import is case-sensitive.

C – Checklist Description

Check Perimeter

A description of the purpose of the checklist

D – TaskID


The ID of this specific Task

  • Note: This task already needs to be within the account

  • Note: This can be found when exporting your checklists

E – Task Name

What is the Condition of the Engine?

Task name or task title

F – Task Type


  • TASK

  • TEXT





NOTE: Checklist is also known as Inspection Check task (Pass/Fail/Flag)

G – Multiple Choice Options


If you select Multiple Choice for your form type, enter each option separated by a comma (,)

  • If you did NOT select Multiple Choice for your form type, leave this field blank

H – Assigned Meter Name

Temp 1

The Name of the Meter assigned to the Meter Task Type

  • If the task type is not METER, leave this field blank

I – Assigned Asset ID


The ID of the Asset Assigned to this task item

J – Assigned User Email

The email of the user assigned to this task

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