Q1 2022 - Product Releases

Notes on New Features, Improvements and Defect Resolutions

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March 31, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • Import Export Overhaul

    • The new import/export flow for PM Triggers is now available

    • Users who previously encountered rows partially failing to import (usually due to another entity referenced which does not exist) are now able to download just those rows

    • Users are now able to upload a category type to their assets

  • Self-Serve

    • The correct self-serve call to action to purchase will now display for free trials instead of a generic view plan call to action

Defect Resolutions

  • Location page is now loading as expected

  • Asset parent name will no longer appear as "(undefined)" when assigning an asset to a meter or request

  • Users will no longer see the "0 results" text that flashed during the loading of the Asset Fields Settings page

March 24, 2022

Defect Resolutions

  • Multi-site users who click on “Manage Sites” will no longer experience a blank page load

  • Copy tweaks have been made to the downloading QR code actions

  • In-line editing for children assets have now been disabled

  • Users will now be prevented from uploading files with no name

March 17, 2022

iOS 4.34.0 and Android 4.38.0 Mobile Releases


  • Notifications Hub (iOS and Andriod)

    • Users will now see a bell icon on their home screen where all of their notifications will be housed. This allows technicians to stay up to date on the most critical updates for all of their work and makes UpKeep the source of truth for all maintenance communications in the field. Gone are the days of missed notifications and miscommunications within UpKeep's app.

  • Additional Translations on Mobile (iOS)

    • With this update, mobile will be close to 95% translated in all UpKeep supported languages.

Defect Resolutions

  • Limited Techs can now all meters associated with their respective assets

  • Work Orders will the proper settings selected will automatically assign the creator to the work order

  • Users can now edit all assets with ease, no longer receiving an error message

Web Releases


  • New User Invites

    • New user invites will no longer include the sentence "As an administrator of your UpKeep account, you’ll be able to create work orders, approve work order requests, and create preventative maintenance schedules for your assets."

  • Users can now access all of their work orders, preventive and reactive, through the GET /work-orders endpoint. As this update introduces a backwards incompatible change, it will be available on an opt-in basis, as part of a new API version.

  • Developers can now set the job title when creating or updating users.

Defect Resolutions

  • Users will no longer see incorrect results when POs are filtered by due date and created date

  • First Update Time field is now displaying the appropriate value when a user changes the status of a work order from created to any other status

  • The PM trigger weekly schedule occurrence generation logic now considers the trigger timezone

  • The outdated Update action in the hamburger menu on the list view of Parts has been removed

  • Asset-related resolutions:

    • 3rd and 4th tier assets will be included in the "Download and generate" QR code feature

    • Changes to the copy of the QR code label download feature

    • Expanding or collapsing asset hierarchy will not reset checkbox states

    • Custom field values shown in the asset list

    • Ability to see all children assets when expanding a parent

    • Custom dropdown field options must be unique

March 3, 2022

iOS 4.37.0+ and Android 4.37.0+ Mobile Releases


  • Simplified push notifications

    • Mobile users on any version of iOS and Android users on the version 4.37.0 and above of Android, will receive push notifications designed from the ground up. We took the old push notifications and simplified the logic so users are only getting push notifications for updates that are critical to keeping maintenance teams running smoothly. This will allow users to catch the most critical updates without them getting lost in the noise of hundreds of notifications.

Web Releases


  • Platform API updates:

    • Part quantity, additional users, and response time fields are now included in all work order responses

    • Developers can now set the additional users field directly when creating or updating work orders

    • The parts fields for work orders are now consistent across create, read, and update requests

    • Null values for work order time and cost will no longer result in incorrect total time and total cost figures

  • Users will be able to query a data set that shows the “Created By’ field on a Purchase Order.

  • Business Plus Admins can now create and assign custom roles.

Defect Resolutions

  • Users will now have the ability to select and delete all children assets under a parent without having to delete the parent itself

  • Users will have the ability to edit the width of the columns for assets listed and it should save when the user leaves the page

February 24, 2022

Web Release


  • New QR Code labels are here!

    • Users can now download QR codes for all assets at once in a 1”x2 5/8” rectangle label format (compatible with Avery Presta 94200 sheets)

  • Part Custom Properties now in Parts Inventory Analytics

    • Users can now see a part’s custom property name, unit and value when analyzing their parts inventory data

  • Users can now set the email of the requester when creating a request via the API

Defect Resolutions

  • The request portal location search will now show sublocations that match the search query similar to the internal requests creation page

  • Deleting a parent asset will also delete its children now

  • Users creating a custom date field will no longer see the incorrect date after import

February 17, 2022

Web Release


  • Users with roles that do not permit the deletion of people & teams (limited admin, technician, limited technicians, view only), will no longer see a ‘Delete Account’ button on their user profile.

  • Customers can now include time and cost fields when creating or updating a work order via the API.

  • Custom fields created by accounts will now show up when exporting data.

    • Those fields will also be available in the import Dromo wizard, allowing uploading of data for those fields and bulk updating.

Defect Resolutions

  • Users will no longer see selected checkboxes appearing empty within the asset list

  • Users are now able to enter negative numbers in Number and Currency custom fields

  • Users will now be unable to create non-unique custom fields using special characters ($ * ( ) + [ \ ? ^)

  • Resilience has now been added to custom fields to filter bad data

February 10, 2022

Web Release


  • Assets Update

    • Custom Field Currency and Number Web Support -

      • Web allows the creation of two new types of custom fields, Currency and Number. With this release, UpKeep now supports 6 total custom field types. Users on Web will now be able to edit, create, view, delete, filter by, and report on all 6 custom field types as well as edit and view those fields on mobile.

  • There is a new import/export experience for parts including the Dromo wizard.

  • Customers can now add / remove parts to work orders via the API.

  • Customers can now add / remove additional workers to a work order via the API

Defect Resolutions

  • The Purchase order PDF will now show sales tax in percentages when the percentage is selected, instead of showing a dollar amount

  • Users can now see all asset sub-locations displayed

  • The asset edit page will now load even if there are null values in all custom fields

  • Users can now clear out values from all custom field types

  • Users can now edit all assets without leading to a blank page

  • Users can no longer assign an asset as its own parent

  • Users can no longer assign the child of an asset as a parent for the current asset

  • Users should now see the filter menu persist even when the multi-select filter selection is cleared

  • Various asset tables performance issues have been addressed with this release

February 3, 2022

Web Release

Defect Resolutions

  • Users who export work orders to pdf will now see the proper due, created on, and last updated date format.

  • Users will now be returned to the asset list page with no filtered assets, when a custom field has been deleted.

January 27, 2022

Web Release


  • Assets Update

    • New custom field type: Date.

      • Users can add the custom date field on web and view/edit that field across web and mobile.

  • Users will also now have the ability to:

    • Add and remove teams from Work Orders via the API.

    • Add and remove users from Work Orders via the API.

Defect Resolutions

  • Limited Admins can now view all purchase orders

  • Business plus users by default will now have access to multi-site

  • Users are now able to select from all sub-locations when assigning locations to assets

  • Admin users are now able to assign technicians to work order requests

January 20, 2022

Web Release


  • Assets Update

    • New custom field type: Dropdown.

      • Users can now create dropdown fields and view them on web or mobile.

  • Customers can now add a priority level to Requests created through the API.

Defect Resolutions

  • When a user applies a filter and waits for the data to load, the filter sub-menu will now stay in place, no longer causing a jumpy experience

  • If a checklist is associated with an archived PM, or WO, it will no longer display the quantity of those archived when displaying the prompt for altering a checklist

  • When a user updates the Downtime Log —> Duration field, the time will be saved and displayed as such

  • When a user views PM details from the calendar view, the part’s costs will now display the same value as the actual part’s cost

  • Users will now see the following updated PM import messages: 1) When a PM import fails: “Your last PM import has failed. The CSV you uploaded has some errors. View Import History.” 2) When a PM import is successful: “Your PM import was successful! Go to your PM triggers list to review the imported PM triggers.”

  • In the asset import template, the placeholder text for dropdown fields will now display "Dropdown" instead

January 19, 2022

iOS 4.32.0 and Android 4.35.0 Mobile Releases


  • Custom Field Dropdown and Date Support (iOS and Android)

    • Mobile now can support two new types of custom fields, Dropdown and Date. With this release, UpKeep now supports 4 total custom field types. In future releases, we will be adding 2 more types, Number and Currency. All of this work is done in parallel with our web teams in order to support a cohesive experience for users setting up custom fields on web and accessing them via both mobile and web.

January 13, 2022

Web Release


  • We are releasing the new Import/Export experience for locations. This entails:

    • New UI page

    • In app data validation and cleaning tools

    • Streamlined parent/child setup using names instead of IDs, requiring only a single upload

    • Faster uploads

    • Improved sample template

Defect Resolutions

  • When a user has dd/mm/yyyy enabled in settings, the exported PDF report will also reflect the chosen date format

  • Custom field data for existing assets can now be cleared or deleted via import

  • Users are able to create or edit a PM trigger when updating the schedule/cadence without the scheduleType error appearing

  • Users are now able to fully view all child assets from the asset details page

  • When a user runs into an error while importing assets, the message “Error occurred while importing Assets” will display

January 10, 2022

Android 4.34.0 Mobile Releases


  • Unlocked Screen Orientation

    • Previously we were only allowing usage of the mobile app in portrait mode. This fix will enable users to use their screens in landscape or portrait mode depending on the orientation of the phone.

  • Launch Darkly Mobile Support

    • The integration with Launch Darkly means that our mobile apps can now more easily spin up new feature flags. This gives us greater control when releasing new features for betas, de-risking large releases, and phasing feature rollouts.

January 6, 2022

Web Release


  • Users with the Limited Admin role will no longer have access to delete the following objects:

    • Work Orders (unless they created them)

    • Assets (unless they created them)

    • Locations (unless they created them)

    • Meters (unless they created them)

    • Files

    • Parts

    • Set of Parts

    • Vendors and Customers

    • Categories

    • PM Triggers (archive)

    • Purchase Orders (unless they created them)

Defect Resolutions

  • Once a user fulfills a part from a purchase order, it will no longer appear in the below minimum quantity filter

  • Users will now be able to filter work orders by asset name under the work orders tab

  • Under Work Orders → Calendar View, users who click on “show more” to display a list of Work Orders and decide to zoom in, will no longer see a distorted calendar view

  • Users will no longer be able to edit in-line from the asset name column

  • Users will now be able to remove a worker from an asset

  • Users will now be able to clear search terms when applying ‘Reset All Filters’ from the dropdown

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