Q2 2022 - Product Releases

Notes on New Features, Improvements and Defect Resolutions

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June 23, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • Edge: Better incident tracking

    • Recent incidents associated with a sensor are now displayed on the sensor details page to make incidents more visible and easily tracked.

    • Customers can now view the date the incident occurred as well as the duration.

    • We’ve also included links to the incident detail so customers can quickly get more information on the incident if desired.

  • Updated PM form to accept Sets of Parts

    • Sets of parts can now be associated to PM records in the same manner as adding to a work order. This streamlines the addition of parts into the PM record template for detailed & accurate part associations.

  • Persist PM list view search & filters

    • PM record filters and search information will persist when a user opens a PM record and then returns back to the list view.

Defect Resolutions

  • Analytics Improvements

    • "Area" added as a dimension to Assets explore

    • All meter data is now visible in Analytics

    • Mexican Peso support for cost based data

  • Users will now see a warning message when they exceed the character limit in the asset description

  • Based on completion PM's are now triggering

  • Updated PM list view column sort functionality for ascending & descending sorts

  • Export Filtered View improvements

  • Users will no longer be able to modify the admin user via People & Teams import

June 16, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • 5 new currencies available on web

    • “COP - Colombian Peso - $”

    • “BRL - Brazilian Real - R$”

    • “MMK - Burmese Kyat - K”

    • “PEN - Peruvian Soles - S/”

    • “CLP - Chilean Peso - $”

Defect Resolutions

  • Affected SSO users will no longer be forcefully logged out of their sessions.

  • Users can now filter their assets by custom field: date.

  • Users will only have the ability to associate one team to a Multi-Asset PM.

June 9, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • Asset Thumbnails is back!

    • Web users can now view a thumbnail of an asset's image from the list page in order to quickly identify assets visually without having to click into the details page. On hover, the image will be expanded. Users can also hide the image column from the list if they decide that they don't need to see images when identifying assets in the list.

  • Edge: Enhanced Charts

    • We’ve improved the Edge charts to make it easier for customers to:

      • View sensor data at any point in time

      • Identify trends and anomalies

      • Capture data for compliance and reporting purposes

    • The improvements include:

      • A UI refresh

      • Full screen charts

      • Breakouts of each sensor property (e.g. temperature, amp-hours, etc.)

      • Better targeted preset date and time selections

      • Custom date and time selections

      • Easier to read tooltips

      • Zoom and pan capabilities

      • Improved performance

      • Export charts as SVGs or PNGs

      • Export chart data as CSV

Defect Resolutions

  • Updating or adding an end date to existing PM triggers will no longer update the start date to the current date.

  • When selecting “Download Current Assets” in the new dromo version of asset exports, users will now be able to download all existing assets.

June 2, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • PM trigger Email Notifications

    • Users will no longer receive PM trigger email notifications when a work order is created from the PM trigger for both cases (time-based or based off of completion)

  • Default PM WO creation turned off

    • PM triggered work order creation will now be defaulted to off in order to allow work order creation to be determined by the designated Schedule & Creation cadence.

Defect Resolutions

  • The PM Details view "Next work order on" and "Ends" date will now display the comma after the day.

  • When a work order has a running timer and the status is changed to complete, then any/all timers will be ended at the same instance.

  • Importing parts with location that includes smart apostrophes will now successfully populate location information.

May 25, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • Bulk Update Assignments on WOs

    • Admins and limited admins will be able to bulk assign users to open work orders.

  • Link Appropriate records on the Asset Details page

    • Users will now have the ability to access the vendors, locations, and customers page directly from the asset page

Defect Resolutions

  • The Multi-Site (Manage Sites) page will now be loading as intended.

  • The useful life field on asset import now has validation to prevent incorrect imports.

May 19, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • Mexican Peso added to Currency

    • Admin users can now select “MXN - Mexican Peso - MX$” as a currency for their site configuration.

  • Start Work Time to be displayed in Time Log

    • Users will now be able to see the Work Started date and time value.

Defect Resolutions

  • Work order time logged via timer will now flow through to analytics reports

  • Updated vendor names are now reflected system-wide under WOs

  • Mapping points will now be loaded when a floor plan is selected

  • Recurring work orders no longer create duplicates

  • Checklist IDs can now be saved in PM triggers

May 5, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • Analytics

    • Users of UpKeep Analytics who have an Enterprise subscription will now be able to schedule report sending to any email address.

Defect Resolutions

  • Users who search for a location in the Locations filter of the asset page will notice the following updates:

    • Results will be returned as the parent, expanded down the level of hierarchy that matches the search

    • Results will only include the child that meets the search criteria (and the relevant ancestors)

    • Lists will be left open

  • New checklist items added to updated work orders will no longer share the id of the original checklist template items.

April 28, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • Edge icon and CTA page Update

    • Users will now see an update to the sensors icon text to “Edge”

    • For customers that do not have Edge accounts, users will be directed to: https://www.upkeep.com/product/edge

Defect Resolutions

  • Users on newly signed up accounts will no longer see a tutorial pop-up if they select the “no thanks” option or when they have completed the tutorial

  • On the new import page, users will now see “export current assets” and be able to re-import the CSV with all errors correctly validated (i.e. dates, prices, email, and custom fields for Number, Currency, Dropdown, and Date)

April 21, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • List view export update

    • Exporting from the list view of assets, locations, and parts/inventory will now export into the new import format, and only export the rows based on the applied filters.

  • Asset Import/Export

    • Asset import/export now includes vendors and customers.

Defect Resolutions

  • Users will now be able to export parts QR codes.

  • Users will now find approved purchase orders created via the public request portal loading appropriately.

  • Users will be able to bulk delete assets with no error.

  • Users will now be able to upload files with periods.

  • Users will now be able to clear the location delete modal.

  • Users will no longer see duplicates of custom fields in asset dromo imports / updates.

  • Users should be able to mass delete assets using multi-select without the app timing out.

  • For all types of custom fields, all fields are present in the response object, even those without assigned values, for the /api/v2/custom-fields/assets endpoint.

  • Users will no longer see duplicates of custom fields in asset dromo imports / updates.

April 14, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • Expose PO "fulfilled by" in Analytics

    • Customers will now have the ability to query a data set that shows the “Fulfilled by” field on a Purchase Order.

  • Audit Trail (Beta)

    • Users now have the ability to select "Audit Trail (Beta)" from the Analytics --> View dropdown.

  • API Update

    • Custom fields are now available in the API.

  • Asset Import/Export Improvements

    • Vendors and Customers can now be exported, imported, and bulk updated. Users who use vendors and customers often need to bulk update these on assets.

  • Checklist ReSkin Phase 1

    • Checklists are now accessible in the left navigation in addition to settings.

    • Surfaced adding tasks from checklists during Work Order and PM Trigger creation.

    • Added a new modal for adding checklists allowing users to search, see tasks in each checklist, and add multiple checklists at a time.

Defect Resolutions

  • Limited Techs can now view assets, locations and meters assigned to them

  • Updating a work order after completion will not alter the completion date & time

  • Editing checklists will now update all WOs for all affected users

  • Aggregate and group options are now exposed in explorers

  • Requesters can now receive email notifications for all status updates

  • Custom dropdowns will behave the same as non-custom, where the clear button only appears when something is selected

  • Users will no longer have the option to drag and drop when only one option exists during the dropdown field creation stage

April 7, 2022

Web Release Notes

Defect Resolutions

  • The Sort menu button remains in the focus state after being clicked and while interacting with the Sort By and Order sections within the menu

  • The Columns menu button remains in the focus state after being clicked and while interacting with the on/off state and ordering of columns within the menu

  • An admin user will receive a "Worker Created without Assignee" notification when the user creates a new WO without an assignee

  • An admin user will no longer receive an “assigned to you” notification when a different user is assigned to their WO

April 5, 2022

Web Release Notes


Audit Trails (Beta) is live!

  • At this time, users are able to find the audit trail by creating a custom dashboard in UpKeep Analytics. With next week’s release, there will be the option for users to select “Audit Trail (Beta)” from the Analytics —> View dropdown.

  • Users will find the audit trail table with pre-selected dimensions with the following asset information tracked:

    • Record Type: Name of categorical entity that was updated

      • Includes Assets only. We will be expanding to Work Orders, Parts, Meters, etc in Q2.

    • Record Name: Name of the specific entity that was updated

    • Record ID: Identification of the entity that was updated

    • Action: Indicates what was done to the entity

      • Create, Update, or Delete

    • Field: Indicates the name of the field that was changed

    • New Value: Indicates the new data that was entered into the Field

    • Updated At Time/Date: Indicates when the action was taken by the user

    • User Full Name: The name of the user who committed the action

    • User ID: The ID of the user who committed the action

    • User Email: The email of the user who committed the action

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