How to Use the Multi-Site Module

Access multiple sites/UpKeep accounts on a single account!

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Available On: Business Plus

🚫⚠️In order to use this feature you will need to set up or already have set up multiple different UpKeep accounts🚫⚠️

UpKeep’s Multi-Site Module will help medium and large-sized companies with multiple sites (aka UpKeep accounts) to streamline operations and costs by allowing users to easily switch between sites (accounts).

Each site/location set up with a separate account will allow users to:

  • Easily switch between multiple sites and accounts with a single login

  • Customized reporting and analytics across multiple sites (admins)

  • Compare and contrast facilities across multiple locations under a single account

💡To Keep all user within 1 UpKeep Account use Location Based Permissions

How to Add Sites

🚫⚠️The multi-site module will first need to be purchased and enabled on your account. Once that is done then follow the steps below to add multiple sites🚫⚠️

  1. In Each Upkeep account you need to add each user to people and teams section with a new or unique email

    Note: the emails do not need be real (unless they want emails on work orders etc.), they just cannot be the same. Example : [email protected] or [email protected].

  2. Once you have added all users to each of the seperate UpKeep accounts send an email to [email protected] for help with setting passwords. Please provide a list of emails that need passwords. Title the email Password setting for Multi Site.

  3. Once you get your passwords back, click on the Profile button on the top right of your UpKeep page (circle button with a head)

  4. Then, click on Manage Sites

  5. Next, select Link A Site

  6. Add the login credentials (unique email and password) for the site you are linking

  7. Once added, you should see the company name of that site listed under Your Sites

    Note: Steps 3 -7 need to be done in each an every users account that needs access to the different account/sites/locations.

How to Switch Between Linked Sites on the Web

  1. Click on the Profile button on the top right of your UpKeep page (circle button with a head)

  2. Then, if you have any other sites linked, you can click Switch Sites

  3. And finally, click on the site that you want to change to

  4. The page will refresh and you will be able to see all the account details for that site!

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