How to Use UpKeep Offline
You and your team can continue to work in areas that do not have sufficient internet connection!
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Users on our Professional and Business Plus plan can access Work Orders offline, enabling uninterrupted productivity. Tasks and work order statuses can be updated offline and will sync automatically once online. Work seamlessly, regardless of internet availability.

Offline Functions

A quick breakdown of the functions available in UpKeep Offline by plan type.



Business +

Work Order Availability

Manual+ Auto Cache

Up to 5

Manual+ Auto Cache

> 5 <100

Updating Tasks



Updating Statuses



Up to 2 drafts you can create and update


Access Work Orders Offline - Manual Method

  1. Bookmark your desired work orders

  2. Once you lose connection to the Internet/WiFi, you’ll be notified that you are currently offline.

  3. But you’ll see a blue button that you can tap to show your bookmarked Work Orders!

Access Work Orders Offline - Automatic Caching

Work Orders will be automatically saved if:

  • They are assigned to you (and a team you are assigned to)

  • Work orders are for a non-operational asset or

  • Work orders within the working week

Processing Work Orders Offline

While Offline you can update and view:

  • Work Order Status

  • Work Order Updates/Activity

  • Checklist Tasks

While Offline you can view:

  • Work Order Due Date

  • Work Order Description

  • Parts/Inventory on the Work Order

  • Work Order Description

  • Asset and Location on the Work Order

All updates made will sync once you are back on-line!

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