How to Bookmark your Work Orders

Keep an eye on important work orders or use them for offline mode!

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Available On: Lite, Starter, Professional and Business Plus

Bookmarking is handy for keeping tabs on important Work Orders, especially when you've got a bunch to manage. It helps you easily keep an eye on the ones that matter most.

How to Bookmark a Work Order from a Work Order

  1. Select the desired Work Order

  2. Select the Bookmark image/button on the top right of the work order

  3. You can also hover your mouse cursor over the work order and click on the Bookmark button on the far right

How to Bookmark a Work Order from the List View

  1. Hover over the desired Work Order on the list view

  2. Select the bookmark on the right side

How to Filter Bookmarked Work Orders

To filter your Bookmarked Work Orders into view, just click on the Bookmarked tab on the Filters bar

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