When on the job site, it’s important to be able to note the number of hours to complete a specific job. On the web app, you can enter the total allotted time by editing the work order, within our iOS / Android applications we have a built-in timer just for this!

This article explains how to Input time on Work Orders for Web and Mobile as well as how to use the timers function on our Mobile Applications.

How to Input Time (directly) on the Web App

  1. Click into your work order to pull it up on your screen
  2. Look for the Time field
  3. Type in your time in the Hours and Minutes field

How to Use the Timer button

  1. Click into your work order to pull it up
  2. Click onto the Time button
  3. Click on Start Timer
  4. Follow the same steps to stop the timer!
  5. Time is automatically calculated and added to the work order

How to use the Timer on Mobile

  1. Tap into the work order
  2. Tap on Start Working
  3. The timer starts when you tap on "Start Working"!

NOTE: Alternatively, in the mobile app, just tap on the + Add Time button to manually record the time into the work order.

Advanced/Itemized Time Tracking

With our Business Plus plan, we will have the ability to have itemized time tracking.

This way we can differentiate between things such as our “Wrench Time” and “Travel Time”.

This also gives you the ability to have a timer from our web application and we can add our time manually as well based on a specific time and duration. You can learn more here.

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