If you have a particular group of parts that you utilize for your Work Orders, you can now link them together with our Sets of Parts function.

This way, you don’t have to add each part individually into the work order! This will save you some time and make you more efficient.

How to Create a Set of Parts

  1. Navigate to the Parts Section

  2. Click on the Set of Parts Tab

  3. Select + Set

  4. Name the Set

  5. Add the Parts

  6. Select Add Set of Parts

How to Add a Set of Parts to a Work Order

  1. Click on the desired Work Order

  2. Select Add Part

  3. Then click the Set of Parts Tab

  4. And click the Desired Set!

NOTE: At this time, you cannot specify a fixed quantity to the parts within a set. You'll need to first add the set to the work order, then adjust the quantity!

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