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Video - How to Import NEW users to your UpKeep Account
Video - How to Import NEW users to your UpKeep Account
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This video will walk you through how to bulk import users to your account to create your People and Teams section.

Once your import has gone through each user should get an email with a link to set up a password for their account.


  1. If the user does not get an email, send an email to [email protected] with the email of the user for a temp password.

  2. If you get an error that says "user already exists" this means the user did not wait for you to invite them to the company account and they went ahead and created and account under their own name. See button below for how to fix this.

For more info on People and Teams click any button below:

How to Import NEW users to your account

Please Note** File size is limited to 10MB and names MUST be unique.

For questions or concerns please reach out to Support via email at [email protected] or chat from in your Upkeep Account.

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