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Work Order Signature Capture
Work Order Signature Capture
Learn how to enable the WO signature capture feature!
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The signature capture feature requires the user marking the work order as complete to upload a signature in order to change the status to complete.

This feature is available beginning on our Professional Plan!

On the mobile apps for iOS and Android, users can sign off using their fingers on the device. On the website application, an image of the signature is required.

How to Activate Signature Capture in a Work Order

  1. Create or edit a work order

  2. As one of the last steps, look for "Requires Signature"

  3. Make sure it is toggled on

  4. Submit the work order and you're all set!

When you (or someone else on your team) mark a work order as Complete, you will then be prompted to add a signature which you can sign from a mobile device or upload an image from the desktop web application.

After that when exporting your work order into PDF format your signature will be included in that PDF as well!

How to Require Signature Capture on ALL Work Orders Automatically

On our Business Plus plan, you have access to the Work Order configuration module. This allows you to make certain fields required when creating a work order or hide them (or make them optional).

Under Settings > Work Order Configuration > Creating a Work Order > Signature, set it to Required.

This ensures automatically that every new work order generated is set to require a signature in order to complete/close.

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