As of today, UpKeep has 6 different account types and are separated by paid and unpaid and free.

Paid Account Types

1 - Admin Users
Admin users have the full privilege to add others to your group, accept or deny requests that come in and edit the full details of a work order. They are basically the ones that control the account. You can have multiple admins per account as well.

2 - Technical User Accounts
Technical users are those accounts who are frequently closing out work orders, completing jobs, and are most commonly, the field technician. These types of users can edit work orders they create, but not work orders that they haven't. They can take pictures, add them to work orders, add status updates, and create work orders.

3 - Limited Technical User Accounts
Limited Technical Users have the same privileges as the technical user account type, but they can only see work orders that are assigned to them and not to other people in the group.

Unpaid and Free Account Types

1 - View Only users
These users are typically supervisor user account types that log into UpKeep less frequently. They typically want to submit work requests when something breaks down or they want to create a report of just see what the current status of a particular job is. We don't charge for these users :)

2 - Requester Users
Requester Users simply have a single function. They cannot see assets, parts, etc. Instead they log into UpKeep and submit work requests and can track the status of that request

3 - Vendor/Third Party Users
Vendor third party users can't actually sign into UpKeep. It is only for internal assignment. So you would typically create this account type if you have a vendor that you commonly contract work out to and want to keep track of who is doing what and the current job of that work order

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