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Requester Users Overview

This article is primarily for requester users and how they can submit requests into UpKeep and check on the status of their requests

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Work requests play a vital role in the maintenance process, and requesters are the vigilant eyes of your facility and organization, ensuring smooth operations. This article provides comprehensive information for requesters, covering everything they need to know about their work requests! 🛠️👀📋

The Work Request Process:

  1. Submit a work request.

  2. Your team admin will review the request, then approve or decline it.

  3. Once approved, your request is now a work order!

  4. Your maintenance technicians will then complete the work order.

Running into problems? Make sure you have the right technical requirements!

Setting up your Account

You’ll first want to set up your account. Your team administrator should’ve sent you an email invite!

  1. Click on the link in the email to set up your account.

  2. You are redirected to a new webpage

  3. You can then add your name and add a password.

💡The link expires after 48 hours (2 days). If the link doesn’t work, you can ask your team admin to resend the invite or use the password reset function here

Here’s what that email will look like:

Submitting a Request

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll need to log into your account, if you haven’t already. Access the login page here:

Here are the next steps:

  1. Click on the blue + Request button on the top right.

  2. Fill out all the required fields (this is indicated by a red asterisk).

  3. Once all the required fields are entered, you can click on the blue Submit button!

Updates to your Work Request

By default, the view in your Request page shows you requests that are still pending approval from your admin. Use the filters to show you different statuses, locations or date ranges

Need to update your maintenance team with new information or looking for updates to your request?

  1. Click on the work order that needs an update!

  2. Click on the Updates section of the work order.

  3. You can add a message or check for updates already made by your maintenance team!

💡If you need more information but this isn’t in the work order updates section, be sure to reach out to your team administrator!

How to use the Public Request Portal

If your team or organization provided you with a public request portal link, this is how you can submit your work request!

  1. Navigate to your company’s Request Portal (your request form may look different depending on what information your company needs!)

  2. Fill out the form (all the required fields are indicated by a red asterisk!)

  3. Click the “Submit Work Request” button

💡Need your companies Request Portal URL or Email Address? Contact your team admin for details!

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