Limited Administrator User Type Overview
Quick overview of functionality and notes on our Limited Administrator user type
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As you may know, full admin users have full access to their UpKeep account. They can see everything on the account and make any changes anywhere to settings, work orders, People & Teams, approve work requests, and more.

This new user type provides limited access to users who need UpKeep functionality without the ability to delete or change critical items due to security concerns.

Limited Admins are in-between full admins and technician users.

What is a Limited Admin restricted from doing?

People and Teams

  • Limited admins will NOT be able to make changes in the People & Teams section.

  • They will not be able to add new users/teams or edit and delete existing ones.

  • They also will NOT be able to review/change hourly rates for individual users


  • Limited admins will NOT be able to edit or delete anything under settings. They will see a message that says "don't have permissions to access"


Limited Admins will NOT be able to DELETE the following objects.

  • Files

  • Parts

  • Set of Parts

  • Vendors and Customers

  • Categories

  • PM Triggers (Limited admins can archive)

Limited Admins WILL be able to DELETE the following objects if they created them.

  • Work Orders

  • Assets

  • Locations

  • Meters

  • Purchase Orders (limited admins can only see PO's they have submitted, they cannot see all PO's)

Note* Limited admins can still edit or add any of the above objects

Quick things to note

  • Limited admins will receive the same notifications that admins do

  • They will still appear as Admins in Analytics

  • Limited admins will still see cost/hourly rates inside of work orders (but cannot view it directly from the People & Teams section)

Beta Feature Quick Info

Limited admins are currently released as a beta feature within UpKeep. Future updates will include:

  • Ability to import Limited Admins into People & Teams

  • Limited Admins to appear in UpKeep Analytics as a new user type (limited admins will currently display as Admin)

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