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There are 7 user types with UpKeep, 4 of those user types are paid and 3 are free.
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User types in UpKeep are separated as paid and unpaid account types. This article will briefly explain the different user types that are available and provide a quick overview of what permissions to expect, for an in-depth look at each user click below.

Paid Account Types

Paid user types require a license to be used in the account. This license can be used at your or your company's discretion for any of the following user types below. Each paid user type has a charge based on the level of plan you choose to be on. Click the button above for price breakdown for each plan.

The Price for our Starter Plan is $45/user/month

The Price of our Professional Plan is $75/user/month

The Price of our Business Plus Plan is $120/user/month

Example of cost: 4 license on the Business Plus Plan

4 (users) * $120 (per month) * 12 (billed per year) = $5,760

1 – Administrators
Admins have full privilege to your UpKeep account and can add, change, or remove anything in the system. They are basically the ones that control the account. You can have multiple admins per account as well!

Limited admins will NOT be able to view or make changes to your Settings. They will be able to view People & Teams, but not make any changes such as adding, editing, or removing users/teams. They will have access to the same notifications as admins and can still see cost/hourly rates inside of work orders.

3 – Technicians
Technicians are the user accounts that frequently close work orders, complete jobs, and are most commonly the field technicians. They can see all the objects associated with their team or organization such as work orders or assets. Technicians can also edit work orders, locations, and assets that they’ve created, but nothing that they haven’t created. They can work on things and update the tasks in work orders such as adding photos and status updates.

4 – Limited Technicians
Limited technicians have almost the same privileges as technicians. However, they will ONLY be able to view objects such as work orders, locations, or assets if those objects are assigned to them or their team. They will also ONLY be able to see objects that they create themselves. So you would need to assign them to the Locations and Assets that you want them to view. They can only assign work orders to themselves or to a team. If there is anything they may need working on, admins should assign their limited technicians to it! Find out how to assign LTs to work orders, location, and assets!

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Unpaid and Free Account Types

These user types do not require a license and you can have as many of them in your account as you need.

5 – View Only Users (also known as View & Request)
These users are typically supervisor user account types that log into UpKeep less frequently. They will be able to view everything that an admin can, except work requests and purchase orders! They will not be able to change anything. View-only users can also submit work or purchase order requests when something breaks down or just see what the current status of a particular job is. They'll also be able to add comments/notes to requests (and subsequently WOs) originally requested by them.

6 – Requester Users
Requester users simply have a single function. They won’t see assets, parts, etc, or anyone else's request! They’ll instead be able to just log into UpKeep and submit work requests, then track the status of their own requests!

7 – Vendors/Customers
Vendors and Customers are NOT actual users that can sign in to UpKeep. This is for an internal assignment and quick reference. As an example, you can create a Vendor if you have a vendor that you commonly contract work out to and assign the vendor to the work order. You can keep track of who is doing what and the current status of that work order. Here is how to enter Vendors/Customers into the system.

Examples and Questions of how user types work

  1. Example of a single account: 1 admin, 2 limited admins, 2 technicians, 1 limited technician, 5 view-only users, and 15 requesters. This is a total of 6 (paid) users on your subscription and 20 (free) user types.

  2. Question: I only have techs work for my company for 3 months at a time, do I have to pay for a new license each time? No. 1 license can be used for any paid user type you need. So, for those 3 months that tech would use 1 license, once they are done, you could make them a free user type (View Only or Requestor), and then your license will be free for the next tech who comes to work for you.

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