2.27.24 Product Release
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February 27, 2024 Web Release Notes

New Features

  1. Enhanced Navigation:

    • Users are now directed to the exact scroll location on the Parts list when leaving from or returning to it, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

  2. Purchase Order Duplication:

    • Introducing the option to duplicate Purchase Orders, providing users with a quicker way to create similar orders and streamline their workflow.

Defect Resolutions

  1. Improved Calendar Functionality:

    • Users can now make scheduling and assignment changes by simply dragging Work Orders in the Calendar view, enhancing flexibility and usability.

  2. Comprehensive Adjustment History:

    • The Adjustment tab for Parts now displays the complete history of associated adjustments, offering users full transparency and insights into part management.

  3. Enhanced Parts Import:

    • Users can successfully import parts even when the Max Parts and Criticality flag is activated in production, ensuring seamless data transfer and integration.

  4. Error Handling Enhancement:

    • Clicking on a part inventory line not associated with a part prompts a system error reminder ("Inventory is not grouped") and keeps users on the inventory list, preventing confusion and improving user experience.

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