August 12, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • UpKeep now prevents users from entering downtime when a downtime event has already been logged during the same time window, preventing downtime from being double counted.

  • Analytics Update:

    • There is a new dimension for PO line items count in the Purchase Orders Explore.

Defect Resolutions

  • The downtime modal on the assets page will now open when the asset is in a "Not Operational" status

  • PDF attachments are now visible and no longer route through

  • Analytics: Drilling down into a PO count returns a list of Purchase Orders with the Title, PO Number, and Created date

  • Purchase Order descriptions are now wrapped correctly and will display a uniform format

  • The tax info in a purchase order will remain consistent on emails, request portals, and generated pdfs

August 4, 2022

Web Release Notes


  • PM Parts - 0 qty

    • Admin users can now create or update PM trigger templates to contain parts records with 0 quantity requirement. This will help structure the templates of PM's with potential parts needed, without impacting inventory quantities allowing more flexibility for maintenance.

Defect Resolutions

  • Users will have the ability to view the entire asset hierarchy structure when associated to a work order, or setting as a parent asset

  • Deleted assets will no longer be included in QR label exports

  • After deleting an asset from the list, the checkbox is cleared

  • When filtering by multiple locations on the asset list, the filter chip displays "First Location name + number of other Locations in the filter"

    • eg "Location ABC + 4 more"

  • Users can save changes to an asset after removing a selection from a custom dropdown field

  • Users can now see all their vendors and customers when creating a Purchase Order

July 28, 2022

iOS 4.38 and Android 4.42 Mobile Release Notes

Defect Resolutions

  • Users can now resume uploading files to assets

  • Required fields must be filled out in order for requests to be processed and sent

  • Offline users should now see all their bookmarked work orders

Web Release Notes


  • Analytics:

    • Updated Itemized Time Report

      • Time recorded on work orders are now reflected in Analytics

      • Work order numbers will no longer appear null

    • New dimensions in Parts Inventory, Inventory Status and Work Order Assigned To Full Name

      • Inventory status returns:

        • "In stock" if a part has a quantity greater than the minimum quantity

        • "Running low" if a part has a quantity less than or equal to the minimum quantity

        • "Out of stock" if a part has a quantity less than or equal to the minimum quantity

        • "Non stock" if the part is non-stock

      • Work Order Assigned To Full Name returns the full name of a work order assigned if the part is assigned to a work order

Defect Resolutions

  • Upon adding a location to a work order, only assets with the respective location will display in the list

  • Users can now create and update multiple work orders with the same name via import

  • Users will no longer be able to delete the same entry multiple times

  • The “Export Filtered View” option on the Assets list page will now include custom fields

July 21, 2022

Android 4.42.0 Mobile Release


  • The Mexican Peso is now able to be added on Work Orders:

    • Parts

    • Parts Selection modal

    • Labor time log

    • Additional Costs

      • PDF details

      • Invoice details

    • Purchase orders -

      • Parts cost

      • totals values

    • Assets Details

      • Depreciation - Purchase price

      • Depreciation - Residual Value

    • Assets custom fields - Currency type

    • Parts/Inventory

      • details cost

Defect Resolutions

  • Push Notifications for Work Orders will now have the Work Order title instead of the Work Order number

  • Technician users can now see who submitted a WO request on both Android and iOS

  • Removed whitespace from barcode printing

Web Release Notes


  • Multi-level asset hierarchy in Work Orders

    • Users can now see and search through the parent child relationships of assets when associating to a work order.

Defect Resolutions

  • Users are now able to export locations on locations page

  • Deletions of floors plans will no longer delete the location

  • Users can now view any purchase order regardless of whether filters have been applied

  • Users can now see any work order even after switching sites

July 14, 2022

iOS 4.37.1 Mobile Release


  • Homescreen 2.0 is live!

    • We received a lot of feedback from users about siloed information, miscommunication, and disrupted workflows. We have listened and acted on the feedback. Technicians will finally have a one stop shop “digital whiteboard” to easily find out what they need to work on for the day, quickly access common screens for the daily workflow, and visibility to data to understand their progress, value, and overall impact to their organization.

Web Release


  • Edge Updates:

    • Connected meters now update after saving without a page refresh

    • The asset link on the Runtime page will now live on the new asset page

Defect Resolutions

  • The sensor status will no longer incorrectly display “Disconnected” when an alert is triggered

  • Date ranges on the sensor detail graphs will now automatically update

July 7, 2022

Mobile Release

Defect Resolutions

  • All accounts can fetch users’ bookmarked work orders when they are offline and when they are back online

  • Checklists and tasks are now appearing on all iOS devices

Web Release


  • Search for work orders by description field

    • Work order list view search bar will now include the description field of a work order to more easily locate work orders

  • Surface assigned team on PM list view

    • Preventive maintenance list view will display the assigned team if no other assignees are designated

  • Edge Updates

    • Users can now sync individual sensor properties with meters. We no longer require all sensor properties to be synced

    • Approved users can now transmit sensor readings as often as once per minute

  • Growth Updates

    • We will now be allowing accounts to self serve into Professional and Business Plus plans with any amount of users

Defect Resolutions

  • Users can now search for an assigned worker on an asset and see the associated name upon first search

  • Users can now view the quantity and cost of a purchase order request from the request portal link

  • Free trial admin users will now be able to see the Request Portal link as active and working

  • Start and ends dates from Multi-Asset PMs are now behaving properly

  • The search and selection modal is back on for work orders and PM triggers

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