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This doc, is to help provide some fast answers to the questions we get and here most often. Don't see your question here? Have no fear! Just reach out to Technical Support and let us know and we will get you an answer : )


How do I cancel my account?

In order to cancel your account you must send an email to [email protected]. In order to cancel and incur no charge, you need to email us 30 days prior to your next renewal date. Example: Your renewal date is yearly on 06/22/, you need to email to cancel no later than 05/22. Same applies to Monthly Subscriptions

This is listed in our terms and services here: section 10.1

How do I upgrade to another level of plan?

If you would like to Upgrade your account, you will want to reach out to your account rep or CSM and let them know. You can also contact Technical Support and we will pass a message along to your account team.

Why do is see a banner that says


This means currently under your people and teams section, you have more PAID user types, than what you are contracted or paying Upkeep for. Example you signed up to pay for 5 paid users, and right now under people and teams you have 6 paid users.

A Paid User Type is any one of the following:


Limited Admin


Limited Technician

To fix this you can either reach out to Technical Support and let us know how many more users you need to pay for and we can adjust the billing OR you can make any of the paid users a free user type (Requester or View only).

How do I get ahold of Technical Support?

I am trying to add a user and getting an error that says "user already exists" why?

This is generally happening for one of two reasons:

  1. The user did not wait for you to invite them and made a free account by accident outside of your company. Click Button Below for how to fix this.

  2. An old employer they worked for had Upkeep as well and there for the users email is in that old account. To fix this you can

    1. Have the user contact old employee and have them removed

    2. Ask user for a different email address

    3. Have user log into their old account and change their email to something else

Hope this helps answer some of your questions. If not reach out to Technical Support any time and let us know what your question is : )

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