UpKeepā€™s Multi-Site Module will help medium and large-sized companies with multiple sites streamline operations and costs by allowing users to easily switch between accounts on the mobile app.

Each site or location would set up with a separate account and users can:

  • Easily switch between multiple sites and accounts with a single login

  • Customized reporting and analytics across multiple sites

  • Compare and contrast facilities across multiple locations under a single account

The Multi-Site Module is available beginning on the Business Plus plan!

NOTE: You cannot link sites on the mobile app. So this will first need to be set up in the website application before you can use the multi-site module on mobile.

How to Switch Sites on the Mobile App

Keep in mind that you will first need to link the sites to your account. Once linked, you can switch sites from your Settings on the mobile app.

1 - Navigate to the Settings page (found on the top right of the Home page; the gear icon)

2 - At the top of the Settings Page, it will show which site you are signed into. Tap on this field to open up the list of sites you can switch to.

3 - Once the list pops up, tap on the site you'd like to switch to. Your app will refresh that account with a confirmation at the bottom of your screen.

Once you're logged in to that site, you are all set. Navigate back to the Home screen or other sections in your app to see the details relevant to that site.

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