You can use UpKeep to maintain your entire inventory so you know exactly where things are. You can also use our barcode scanner for simple and easy access from a mobile device.

You can set a minimum quantity for your parts. So when the quantity of a part dips below that minimum, you’ll be able to tell those parts are running low! This article goes over everything you may need to know about low-stock parts in UpKeep!

In the website application, there is a badge notification in the left-hand menu indicating the total number of low-stock parts and out-of-stock parts! In the example below, there are 11 parts that are out of stock or low!

How to See Which Parts are Low (or Out-of-Stock)

On the top left-hand side of your Parts page is a filter button (looks like a funnel).

Click on that to access the different filtering options so you can sort into your view the Parts you are looking for. This is super helpful if you have a lot of parts entered into your system.

Under Additional Filters, you can select:

  • Show Out of Stock Parts Only

  • OR Show Reached Minimum Quantity Parts Only

Other Notifications

If you have your Daily Summary Email notifications turned on, you will also receive these notifications.

  1. Click on Profile (little circle with the head on the top right)

  2. Click on View Profile

  3. Make sure Email Notifications is turned on

  4. Make sure Daily Summary Emails is checked

NOTE: Daily Summary Emails will only be sent if you have any work orders completed in the last 24 hours.

When you receive your Daily Summary Email, you will see a section for Inventory: Out of Stock. Here is an example.

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