With our preventative maintenance module, you can easily create repeating work orders over a given frequency (daily, monthly, annual, etc).

If you need to end one of these triggers to stop creating future instances, you can do so by setting a stop date to it or by archiving it.

How to Stop Preventative Maintenance Triggers

  1. Navigate to the Preventive Maintenance section in the left hand menu

  2. Click into the trigger you need to edit

  3. Click on the Edit Trigger button

  4. Next, look for the Ends On field

  5. Then, click on it and select the date you'd like to stop it from the calendar dropdown

Any work orders with a scheduled due date past the date you select will not be triggered.

How to Archive a Preventive Maintenance Trigger

NOTE: At this time, archived PM triggers cannot be unarchived.

  1. Click into the trigger you plan on archiving

  2. Next, click on the 3 dots button

  3. Finally, select Archive!

You can also archive multiple triggers at the same time by using the multi-select function.

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