Managing Gateways

How to manage Gateways in UpKeep Edge

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Available With: UpKeep Edge Subscription

Gateways are the dynamic bridges that connect your sensors to the cloud. They serve as the vital conduits transmitting data from sensors to the Dashboard 📊, paving the way for seamless interaction and insights.

Adding a gateway

You can add a gateway by scanning the QR code located on the bottom of the gateways OR you can manually input the Gateway ID and Security Code found on the labels next to the QR code.

  1. Tap / Click the Gateways link in the top menu (on your mobile device you’ll need to tap the three dots to reveal the menu). This will take you to the Gateways page.

  2. Tap / Click the “Add Gateway” button (on mobile it will be at the bottom of the screen, on desktop, it will be in the profile

  3. Scan the QR code located on the bottom of the gateway (or enter the ID and Security Code manually). The appropriate fields will be filled in from the QR code scan. If you prefer, you can change the name of your gateway and associate it with an UpKeep Asset and/or Location. You can always change these values later as well.

  4. Tap “Submit” to register and save your gateway.

  5. Find an area to place your gateway. For best results, place your gateway in an open area with good cell reception.

  6. Plugin your gateway, and turn on the power switch. You should see the small LED lights to the right of the power button flash red and green for a moment and turn green once the gateway is ready. A green “connected” indicator will also show up next to the gateway in the UpKeep Sensors dashboard.

Editing a gateway

You can change the name of your gateway as well as the UpKeep Asset or Location with which it’s associated at any time. From the Gateways tab, click on the gateway you wish to edit. Click the menu icon in the top right (the three dots) and click “Edit”. Change the fields as desired and click “Submit”.

Deleting a gateway

Before you delete a gateway, make sure all of your sensors within the range are “off” (i.e. the batteries have been removed) and have been deleted from the Dashboard.

Once you’ve taken those steps, you can delete a gateway by going to the same menu as Edit (see above) and clicking “Delete”.

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