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Top 5 Facilities Management Workflows

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Assign team to work order with assigned location

Facility managers can create teams within their UpKeep account to group together maintenance teams by responsibilities, shifts, anyway necessary to make sure the appropriate groups are assigned work orders and requests. Different teams may be responsible for different locations of the facility and will need to be notified when a relevant work order or request has been submitted for their location. With this workflow, facility managers no longer have to manually assign the appropriate team when a task comes. Set up this flow one time to ensure that each team is notified in real-time when a work order or request has been assigned to their designated location.

IF Work Order is created > AND Work Order is assigned to a Location > THEN Assign Team to Work Order

Assign request submitted between certain hours to user

Our Facility Managers aren’t working 24/7 and they shouldn’t have to. When managers are off shift, they utilize this workflow to ensure their assistant manager or the point person during their off-shift hours receives an immediate notification when a request is submitted. Once this workflow has been enabled, our managers never have to worry about requests falling through the cracks when they’re off the clock.

IF Request is created > AND Request created time is between hours… > THEN Assign to User

Assign approved and categorized purchase order to vendor

This workflow expedites the process of getting approved purchase orders approved. Facility Managers can set up categories within their UpKeep account to identify which vendors will need to be contacted to fulfill certain purchase orders. Once the categories have been set up, our admins set up this workflow so as soon as a purchase order has been approved with any category, the appropriate vendor will be sent the purchase order immediately and receive a real-time notification. Facility managers no longer have to act as the middle man between purchase orders and vendors. Let UpKeep be the new in-between.

IF Purchase Order is updated > AND Purchase Order status is Approved > AND Purchase Category is > THEN assign Vendor to Purchase Order

Approve High Priority Requests

Facility managers utilize this workflow to eliminate the need for manually approving important requests. With this flow, if a request is identified as a high priority, the request will skip the line and immediately get approved. Managers save time and can rest easy knowing the important requests are being assigned to the appropriate team and are being taken care of instantly.

IF Request is created > AND Priority is High > THEN Approve Request

Create work order when item is flagged during inspection

Customized tasks can be added to any UpKeep work order. A common form item or items that are added to work orders are subtasks which allow the technician to do an inspection and mark the asset or item being inspected as Pass, Flag, Fail. With this workflow, managers can ensure any flagged item during an inspection has a work order created immediately. By having a work order created automatically when an item has been flagged, managers ensure nothing falls through the cracks and all items receive necessary maintenance as soon as possible.

IF Task is updated > AND Value equal to… > THEN Create Work Order

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