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Top 5 workflows for hospitality-hotel management

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Assign request to team when priority is high, location is assigned, and category is assigned

Hotels don’t always have a manager on-site during nights and/or weekends. Just because managers aren’t onsite, doesn’t mean everything reported during these hours can wait until they are back on shift. This workflow allows managers to establish which areas must be tended to if a request comes through when they are not around and ensure the appropriate team is notified in real-time to get things taken care of.

IF Request is created > AND Request Priority is High, And Category is Evening, And Location assigned is Common Area > THEN Assign request to Team

Approve high priority request

When it comes to hospitality, turn-around time on a request is very important to keeping guests, visitors, and any personnel happy. Our admins utilize this workflow to ensure important requests don’t get lost in the pending list and are tended to immediately. Our admins win back time from not having to worry about manually approving crucial requests.

IF Request is created > AND Priority is High > THEN Approve Request

Assign request to team when category is assigned

Our hotel managers don’t have to worry about delegating tasks when they create Teams within their UpKeep account. With this workflow, any categorized request can be automatically assigned to the appropriate team. This ensures the housekeeping staff is notified in real-time when a request has been made. Hint: You can make Category a required field on request forms! Learn more here.

IF Request is created > AND Category is Housekeeping > THEN Assign to HouseKeeping Team

Send Work Order reminder e-mail when specific category is assigned to work order

It’s important to always be up to code for public safety inspections, health inspections, and any type of inspection that may be scheduled for your facilities. This workflow makes sure our managers are aware of any and all issues that could affect the status of an inspection in real-time. They can also run reports to reconcile time and cost for inspection related issues.

IF Work Order is created > AND Work Order Category is Inspection > THEN Send Work Order Reminder Email

Approve purchase order when category is assigned

This workflow helps our hotel managers ensure their maintenance workers always have the supplies they need to get an important job done. In this example, we have set our workflow to approve any purchase orders that have been assigned Electrical but this can be customized to include the categories that are the highest priority to you and your staff.

IF Purchase Order is created > AND Category is Electrical > THEN Approve Purchase Order

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