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Top 5 Property Management Workflows

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Approve high priority request

Property managers want to reduce the time it takes to send out technicians to fix reported issues. Our Property Managers will commonly use this workflow to save time on manually approving urgent requests and making their tenants happy with a quick turn-around time.

IF Request is created > AND Request Priority is High > THEN Approve Request

Approve request submitted between certain hours.

Some Property Managers that don’t utilize UpKeep will make themselves available during after hours for emergencies. Property Managers who use UpKeep no longer keep their phones on loud during all hours of the night with this workflow. All emergencies can be automatically approved. With required fields, our admins can ensure the nighttime staff is assigned to the request and will be notified immediately notified so tenants don’t have to wait to get their emergency taken care of.

IF a Request is created > AND Request created time is between hours.. X to X > THEN Approve Request

Assign request to a team when a specific category is assigned

Our customers can create multiple teams within their UpKeep account. Many of our property managers will create teams to group their technicians based on their specialties and/or capabilities. By automatically assigning the relevant team when a request is categorized, our property managers reduce the time spent on assigning technicians and making sure the teams are notified in real-time.

IF Request is created > AND Request Category is Electrical > THEN Assign to Electrician Team

Send email to the specific team when a work order is closed and the location is assigned

Finance teams may not always be invited to a company’s UpKeep account and therefore can feel out of the loop. With this workflow, the finance team can receive updates when work orders are closed in real-time and run reporting to reconcile time and cost for each job per location.

IF Work Order is closed > AND Location is Assigned > THEN Email Procurement team

Approve purchase order with the assigned category

This workflow helps ensure all orders for essential supplies and services are placed automatically and are not delayed due to a manual approval process. It saves our Property Managers time and fulfills their purchase orders more efficiently.

IF a Purchase Order is created > AND Purchase Order category is Important > THEN Approve Purchase Order

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