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This library is to help automate tedious tasks and expedite the most important ones! Check out the top 5 workflows from various industries!

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Welcome to the UpKeep Workflow Library!

This library is here to help you automate tedious tasks and expedite the most important of tasks. Here we have the top 5 workflows from various industries so you can see how others are automating their workflows and saving their team time each and every workday!

Property Management

Property Management is the overseeing of residential, commercial, and/or industrial real estate. Property maintenance is imperative for any successful property management company. Learn how property managers are automating their workflows with Upkeep to save time and increase efficiency.

Equipment Management

Equipment Management includes managing, monitoring, and maintenance of both motorized and non-motorized assets. Learn how UpKeep is helping Equipment Managers decrease downtime and increase equipment effectiveness.

Hospitality- Hotel Management

Hotel Management is the management of all aspects related to the functioning of a hotel. Our hotel managers utilize UpKeep to expedite important requests and track equipment and supplies.

Fleet Management

Fleet management is used by any company that owns or rents vehicles. Fleet managers are responsible for cost-effectiveness, fleet maintenance, vehicle safety and compliance, and operational efficiency. Learn how fleet managers utilize UpKeep workflows to automate their maintenance programs.

Restaurant Management

Restaurant managers are responsible for overseeing the staff and operation of the business. They implement policies and procedures to ensure the establishment is compliant with all regulations and all customer-service standards are met.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is the process of increasing the utility of a building by regularly servicing capital assets, commercial appliances, and areas inside or around a building.

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing maintenance is implemented to ensure all machinery and equipment required for production are operating at 100 percent. Managers utilize planning, scheduling, and preventive maintenance to enforce a cost-effective program.

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