Vendors in UpKeep can be used for both Purchase Orders and to keep track of third parties that our team uses for maintenance. For more information, check out the article on using Vendors & Customers.

Check out a video tutorial on importing your Vendors and Customers. You can also find this at 9:47 of our general Data Importing Webinar!

How to Import Vendors

  1. Download the Vendors Data Import Template sheet

  2. Open the CSV file in Excel/Google Sheets

  3. Do not add, remove, or change any headers in Row 1

  4. Add your data beginning with Row 2

  5. Save the CSV file

  6. Upload the new CSV file under Vendors & Customers tab > Vendors > Import > Import your File‚Äč

NOTE: You can only import a maximum of 200 vendors on each CSV file at a time.

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