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How to use UpKeep for Messaging and Updates on Work Orders
How to use UpKeep for Messaging and Updates on Work Orders
Learn to communicate with your team through the Updates section of a work order with the @ mention feature to tag them in the conversation
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Group Collaboration is the key to a successful maintenance program. With UpKeep, you have the ability to collaborate and interact with your team members through the @ Mentioning Function to tag them in the conversation.

When adding updates to a Work Order you can simply put in @ then choose whether to tag a specific user or all team members assigned to the Work Order. This way we can have a transparent dialogue within the Work Order and notify any of our team members of activities.

Updates are used for all kinds of communication in relation to a Work Order. It's a place where the workers will drop in some notes for each other to read and co-ordinate with each other on the job. The admin can easily view the updates and get an idea of the Work Order progress.

How to @ Mention in UpKeep

  1. Open the work order by clicking on it

  2. Click on the Updates tab of the Work Order

  3. Click on the Write a Message box

  4. Type @, then select the user’s name (Example: @Jane Smith)

  5. If desired, type any other additional details

  6. Select Send

TIP: You can notify all users assigned to the work order by using @Everyone

NOTE: This sends an email notification to the user mentioned (if notifications toggled on under user profile) but replying to the email won't send a message through the Updates section of the work order. They'll need to log back into the app to send a message!

It will look something like this. The user's name will appear next to the '@' sign and you can put in any message for him. He will get notified about it and can then check the Work Order.

Make sure you hit the blue send button to send it. All notes are stored below the message box with the day and time it was sent.

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