For our Work Order Table View, we have the ability to customize the desired width of the columns and which column headings we wish to appear.

This way we can have a view of our Work Orders that show the most important information for our team. In this article, we will go over all of the column selections we can choose from. You can click on the customize button on the top right-hand side of the table view.

NOTE: It depends on your screen size, but if you select too many headers you will not be able to adjust the width of the columns! Be sure to choose the most important headers, but you can always change them!

Work Order List View Column Headings

  • Due: When the Work Order is Due (either a Due Date or Unscheduled)

  • Recurring Schedule: How often is this work order repeating

  • WO#: The number of the Work Order for our company

  • Status: Open, On Hold, In Progress, Complete

  • Work Order Title: The Title that we have given the work order

  • Description: The Description that we have set for the Work Order

  • Priority: None, Low, Medium, and High

  • Assignee(s): The user or teams that are assigned to the Work Order

  • Location: The Location where the Work Order is assigned

  • Asset: The Asset that we have assigned to the Work Order

  • Category: The Category that we have assigned to our Work Orders

  • Last Updated: The date of when the last update was made to the Work Order

  • Created On: The Date on which the Work Order was created

  • Days Since Created: The number of days since the creation of the Work Order

  • Time: The amount of time spent on the Work Order

  • Est Duration: The amount of time we estimate the Work Order to take

  • Cost: The Amount of Money we have spent on the Work Order

  • Files: The number of files attached to the Work Order

  • Tasks: The number of tasks form items (sub-tasks) on the Work Order

  • Requested by: The user who requested the Work Order

  • Parts: The number of parts associated with the Work Order

NOTE: The columns that you select will appear on your Work Order Export PDF. The recommended number of columns is 10 for PDF export!

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