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How to Use Asset Check-In and Check-Out
How to Use Asset Check-In and Check-Out

With the Business Plus plan, easily keep track of all your assets. Always know which of your assets are available and who has them.

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Available On: Business Plus

With UpKeep, easily track your assets across multiple locations 🌐. Enable the Check-In and Check-Out feature for assets, and add procedure notes for clear usage guidelines 📝. Stay organized effortlessly."

How to Enable Check-In & Check-Out

  1. Navigate to the Assets tab

  2. Select the asset you want to enable check-out for (or create a new asset)

  3. Click on Edit

  4. Under Check In/Out, check off “Track Check-in/Check-out” to enable tracking.

  5. Add any steps for your “Check-In/Out Procedure” and click Submit to save the changes.

💡You’ll notice that the asset now shows Check-in/Out Procedure if you have included steps on the proper procedure!

How to Use Asset Check-In/Check-Out​

  1. Click on the asset to open the asset overview

  2. Click Check Out Procedure (or Check Out if no procedure) on the asset

  3. Review the procedure and leave any notes that may be needed

  4. Then click on Check Out.

  5. When it’s time to check the asset back in, navigate back to the asset and click on Check In Procedure.

  6. Review the procedure for checking this asset back in

  7. Leave any notes you need and click Check In

Check Out:

Check In:

💡Check out the Activity button to see who checked the asset in/out and get a better idea of the timeline and any notes that were made!

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