Keeping track of multiple assets across multiple locations can be time consuming and frustrating. With UpKeep's Asset Check-In and Check-Out feature you are always on top of where your assets are and who has them.

Set procedures for both checking-in and checking-out so everyone knows what is expected from them to use the asset and how to return it.

Step by Step Instructions for Check-In and Check-Out

Step 1: Go to the "Assets" tab
Step 2: Select the asset you want to check-out
Step 3: Click on "Check Out Procedure"
Step 4: Leave any notes you need and click "Check Out"
Step 5: When it's time to check the asset back in, navigate back to the asset and click on "Check In Procedure'
Step 6: Leave any notes you need and click "Check In"

This feature is currently available for our Business Plus and Enterprise Clients.

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