With UpKeep, you can change your email whenever needed. This may come in handy if someone will be taking over your account or if you would just like to update the email you use!

NOTE: Keep in mind that you’re currently not able to do this on the mobile apps for iOS and Android. But you can access the web application in a browser on your device if needed!

Change Email in UpKeep on Web

  1. Select View Profile

  2. Click select the 3 vertical option dots

  3. Select Edit Profile

  4. Change the email/username, then select Save

Once the email address is updated that will be the new email you use to log in!

NOTE: If you are the admin on the team, you cannot change the email address of an existing user.

If you need to change the email for someone on your team and they have logged in before, they will need to log in and change it themselves in their profile.

If they have never logged onto UpKeep before, you can delete them from the team and re-add the correct email!


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