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How to Create Purchase Order Requests
How to Create Purchase Order Requests

Learn how to create and Edit Purchase Order Requests

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Available On: Business Plus

Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Requests

With purchase orders and requests in UpKeep, your team gains a centralized platform for submitting requests for parts, equipment, or inventory restocking. Here's how it works:

  1. A new work order is submitted to the facility management team.

  2. When a part is needed for a job, Employee A submits a Purchase Order (PO) request through UpKeep's portal.

  3. The Admins receive notification, approve the purchase order request, and send it to the vendor.

  4. The vendor ships the part to your facility.

  5. Upon receiving the part, mark it as fulfilled in the PO, and your inventory is automatically restocked!

Additionally, Admins can proactively restock inventory by creating purchase orders when parts are running low. 📦💼✨

How to Submit Purchase Requests

  1. Navigate to Purchase Orders

  2. Create a Create Purchase Order

  3. Fill out the form details

  4. Select Submit

  5. The purchasing team gets notified to evaluate, then approve or decline

  6. If the part is approved, once it’s received from the vendor, the purchasing team marks the PO as Fulfilled

  7. Inventory is automatically restocked

💡Technicians, limited technicians, and View-Only users can submit purchase requests. The request will be sent to the admins on the team to evaluate and approve.

How to Approve a Purchase Order Request

  1. Navigate to the Purchase Order section

  2. Click on the request awaiting approval

  3. Evaluate that the request is necessary

  4. Click Approve

TIP: You can also customize the table view to include a Status column, so you can quickly identify which ones are still awaiting approval!


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