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Voice-Activated Requests

Voice-activated work order requests are now available on the iOS mobile app

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Record a voice description of the work to be done, and select from a list of pre-filled, suggested work orders or requests.

Here are the steps to create your first voice-activated request:

  1. Open up your mobile app, hit the center dashboard "+"

  2. Select "Voice-Activated Requests"

  3. Add a short title to the top of the request

  4. Hit the blue microphone button to record an audio file description of the job to be done (e.g. "the air compressor is making a weird noise, located at XYZ"

  5. If this is your first time accessing the feature, then you may be asked to enable "Speech Recognition" and "Microphone" on your device. We will only ever use this while you are using Voice-Activated Requests inside of UpKeep. Please feel free to ask us for our privacy policy or SOC2 compliance certifications if you would like to review it.

  6. Hit "Submit", wait for the audio processing to complete

  7. If you like, you can double check your audio file transcript by clicking on the top right corner icon

  8. Feel free to make any edits/additions and select from the list of suggested options. You have the ability to create a new request or new work order, depending on your needs.

  9. Review your selected request or work order. Make any final edits and hit "Submit" on the top right corner to finalize this process.

  10. To access previously recorded requests, please hit "More" on the far right side of the dashboard.

  11. Click on "Voice-Activated Requests".

  12. Access your full list of previously recorded requests.

  13. And you're done! Since this feature is brand new, please share any feedback you have through our chat, your Customer Success Manager, or directly with the product team: [email protected]

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