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How to Use Start Dates on Work Orders
How to Use Start Dates on Work Orders

Learn to use Start Dates on Work orders as well as how to edit an existing one.

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Available On: Lite, Starter, Professional and Business Plus

How to Add/Create Work Orders using Start Date

  1. Navigate to the Work Order section

  2. Click on + Work Order

  3. Give a work order a title

  4. Go to Start date calendar and pick a start date you want your work order to start

  5. Go to Due date calendar to select the due date of your work order

  6. Click Submit

Note: Once a work order is submitted you'll see that start date is visible as a field in the work order details. if the start date column is missing, please reach out to support at [email protected] and we can enable this feature for you.

How to sort and show Work Order start date in the Column field

  1. If Start date is missing in the column field, click the customize button

  2. Locate the start date box and check if it’s unchecked

  3. Click Apply

  4. Now that the start date column is visible, click the column to sort the Work orders

How to use filter using Work Order start date

  1. Click the funnel button to filter

  2. Select the date range of work order you want to populate

  3. Click show results

For any questions or help please reach out to support at [email protected], text, phone or via chat from with in your UpKeep account.”

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