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Locations Section Overview
Locations Section Overview

Learn the structure and basic navigation of UpKeeps Locations Module

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Location Hierarchy - Structure

UpKeep simplifies location management with a two-level hierarchy: Primary Locations (like plants or buildings) and Sub Locations (such as floors, rooms, or zones). They're nested for easy organization and smooth management. 🏢

💡Create a clear naming structure within your account to help your team members understand things better.


Primary Location Name - Sub Location Name

Main Building - Second Floor

Viewing your Location Hierarchy in UpKeep

💡Primary Locations will have a number displaying the Sub Locations

Navigating the Locations Section

  1. Find the "Locations Tab" on the left side of your screen.

  2. Use the extra options icon to Import/Update and Export.

  3. Simply click on the "+ Location" button to add new locations manually

Viewing your Location Information

Choosing a location from the Locations section enables you to see the following associated items:

  • Assets

  • Files

  • Work Orders

  • Parts

  • Floor Plans (available with Business Plus subscription)

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