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How to Add Parts with Multiple Inventory Lines
How to Add Parts with Multiple Inventory Lines
Have the same part across a number of locations, set-up Multiple Inventory Lines
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When creating parts with Multiple Inventory Lines you will follow the similar steps to creating your other parts, but with the ability to then set-up the different lines. Unlike our default Parts and Inventory Multiple Part Lines all do need to have a Part Number in order to be visible. Each Part Number can only exist once per location (so all locations would need to be unique).

If you are not seeing all of your parts after making this change, you would need to check that all of the parts indeed do have a Part Number.

Setting up Part Information

  • Enter in the Part name and Part Number

  • Add in any other additional details

  • Enter in the Inventory Settings

    • Minimum Quantity Threshold

    • Barcodes

    • Cost

Setting up your Inventory Line

Add in your locations and any other details to get your inventory line all set. Select + Inventory Line to add in more locations. When you are finished select Create Part.

Note: You can only use a location once per inventory line

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