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How to Add Parts with Multiple Inventory Lines
How to Add Parts with Multiple Inventory Lines

Have the same part across a number of locations, set-up Multiple Inventory Lines

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Available On: Professional and Business Plus

When creating parts with Multiple Inventory Lines, follow the standard steps for creating parts, but with the added flexibility to set up different lines. Unlike our default parts and inventory, it's important to note that each Part Line must have a unique Part Number to be visible. Additionally, remember that each Part Number can only exist once per location, ensuring uniqueness across all locations. πŸ”’πŸŒ

πŸ’‘ If you are not seeing all of your parts you would need to check that all of the parts indeed do have a Part Number.

Setting up Part Information

  • Enter in the Part name and Part Number

  • Add in any other additional details

  • Enter in the Inventory Settings

    • Minimum Quantity Threshold

    • Barcodes

    • Cost

Setting up your Inventory Line

Add in your locations and any other details to get your inventory line all set. Select + Inventory Line to add in more locations. When you are finished select Create Part.

Note: You can only use a location once per inventory line

Adding More Lines to your Part

If you are adding in more locations for your Part Number you can add the additional lines at any time. Select the Part and then select the Add Inventory Line option

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